Name: Justice    Age: 21

Location: Las Vegas

Her Facial Experiences: Justice does not like cum on her face, she rather swallows all of it.

The Story: I met Justice in January at a very famous strip club in Las Vegas. She happened to know Brittaney, and after a while she told me she was ok with doing some modeling and she would be willing to pose for me, but we never got around to it, till this past weekend.

I went out there with a friend of mine and stayed at her place. And we both fucked her in front of the camera. I accidentally came inside her but my friend got to cum on her pretty face.. and she licked it all up!


Name: Lexi    Age: 20                                       

Favorite Position: She loves the "spoon" position.. being on her side while getting fucked from behind and likes 69 too.

Her Fuck and Facial Story: She told me she likes the feeling of a cock inside her mouth.. in her own words "it's like candy".. she also loves to get fucked everyday by a bunch of different guys. She told me she fucked a 56 yo married guy she met online the other day.

My Experience: Lexi has a really wet cunt and a good fucking mouth.. after fucking her for a long time I shot my Sunday morning load on this bitch face.. my camera was not working properly that day but I managed to take some good shoots.


Name: Lila  Age: 18                   

Location: San Jose, California

Favorite Position: She likes the cowgirl position the best..

Her Fuck and Facial Story: Lila wants to be a porn girl and she responded to an ad I had on the local paper. She came over to the hotel where I was to audition and I told her what she needed to do to be famous. She complied and was happy to be fucking a complete stranger, but when the end came she was kinda hessitant about cum on her face as she had never done that. But I told her what she needed to do to prove herself as a porn star so she took it on her face and you can see her disgusted face with my cum dripping over this young slut.


Name: Amber Ways    Age: 24                         

Location: Los Angeles, California

Favorite Position: She likes getting fucked doggie style and she enjoys sucking cock a lot..

Her Fuck and Facial Story:  She is a babe I met online at a chat room and she told me she wanted to be a "web girl" so we met up, hit it up, and I got to audition her.. she was a really good fuck and she had a beautiful pussy and most importantly she LOVED cum on her pretty face..


Name: Misty Rain    Age: 19                      

Location: San Jose, California

Favorite Position: She likes sucking cock the most and getting fucked hard from behind

Her Fuck and Facial Story: This girl I met online and really wanted to be on the web site. I told her what I wanted, so I went to pick her up at her house but instead of driving to a hotel, I drove her to a parking lot where I made her take her clothes off and fuck.. I fucked her young tight cunt really good and blasted her face with a lot of cum..


Name: Sofia   Age: 24

Location: Los Angeles, CA but originally from Argentina

Her Facial Experiences: Violet actually loves to swallow cum.. so she usually has guys cum inside her mouth

The Story: I met this pretty slut at a strip club in LA. She said she always had wanted to try doing a movie, so I invited her to my place for a little audition.I fucked the daylights out of her and then I shot my load on her pretty face.. she swallow some of my load that had went into her mouth.

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